Ok so it’s number 2 on Bon Appetit’s best new restaurants in the US for 2016 so you know I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to check it out while in DC: Bad Saint.
If you look the place up on the web you will find out that they take no reservations, have 24 seats and only take parties of 4 or less. Arrive early if you want to guarantee you will get a seat. When it opened at 5:30 there were already at least 50 people in line!
I think it’s worth the wait for this Filipino inspired restaurant.
Started with the Ensaladano Ifugao which consisted of heirloom rice, asian pear, cherry tomatoes with a tamarind vinaigrette. The rice was very crunchy which gave the dish a unique consistency. It was sweet but sour at the same time. Followed that with the Ginisang Tulya which is a combination of littleneck clams, crumbled chinese sausage and sichuan chile served with a side of fried Chinese doughnuts. Outstanding dish….and my waiter even offered a side of rice to make sure none of the sauce was wasted! Dinner was complimented by a 2013 slightly off dry but tart Riesling from Efeste…..Washington State in DC!
Ended with the dessert of the day: a mix of strawberries, dragon fruit, with chia seeds, coconut water, honey, mint, and topped with edible flowers and coconut. It was interesting to say the least….fruity and herbal at the same time.