Last updated on January 27th, 2018 at 09:42 pm

I know many of you think all I do is eat… not to let you down here is the next installment: FT33

A bit hard to find because it’s off the main street in a business/shopping area and not well signed but once there the space is very nice with an open kitchen and separate bar. Interesting menu which like others of this vintage, list primarily ingredients rather than details about the dish. I went with the recommended flank steak tartare which came with a side of puffed beef tendon. It was well prepared with a hint of sweetness from local muscadines. Followed with stuffed Texas Quail as the main which was also quite good but the fermented greens gave it an interesting but odd added flavor. Finished with a pistachio cake topped with concord ice cream and a creamed goat cheese on the side which was excellent. Service was impeccable.

I had to try the Salty Suzan……a cocktail of naval rum, gin and salted plum. Of course it was beautifully done.