Last updated on May 12th, 2019 at 05:37 pm

Halfway there: Hundred North.

Decided to have brunch with our daughter who lives in Vancouver BC, so we met her in Bellingham….which isn’t really 1/2 way but who’s counting. Our usual choice is a bar…there are many here….and a beer…there are great local brews but this time we were looking for something different. This place did not disappoint.

Since we visited on a Sunday, brunch was in order…and yes, they have bottomless mimosas….and Bloody Marys!

The menu is interesting and we sampled a few selections including the Hot Brown, Bellinghash and salmon toast rillettes. And lest I forget….buttermilk biscuits with honey butter and the cheese grits. I still don’t get cheese grits….seems like a contaminant to me. The biscuits were square but tasty…go figure the shape. All the dishes were interestingly prepared….the Hot Brown was rabbit and the Bellinghash, corned beef with aronia (choke) berries. Both were excellent and of course I choose the rabbit. The salmon was an outlier…basically smoked salmon on toast….our least favorite. The bottomless mimosas were good but the Bloody Marys….fantastic!

Service was very good and the space inviting. Dessert was had elsewhere just to further broaden our Bellingham experience.

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