Malaysian in South Philly: Saté Kampar.

This small spot is in the heart of the East Passyunk restaurant scene so it is one of many choices. Howerever, I’d not had Malaysian food before so this seemed like a good choice. I wasn’t disappointed. My choices were helped immensely by the wait staff who guided me through the menu and must haves.

First up was the pie tee….a special the nite I visited. Crunchy from the deep fried rice flour cups with jicama and carrots and a slight spiciness… of my favorites.   Up next was saté kajang…..goat…which was flavorful but a bit on the chewy side. Come to think of it, everything was flavorful, sweet and occasionally, a bit spicy.

Next: nasi lemak bungkus. What is that you ask? One of their national dishes that’s made from coconut cream flavored rice, hard boiled egg, sambal and anchovies all wrapped up in a banana leaf…that’s what! Very interesting with the crispy anchovies making the dish in my mind.

Now it gets a bit complicated….I’m just about topped out but I’ve had my eye on another dish from the specials menu….the sambal wings. Had to have them even though it was dessert time. I’m so glad I did…perfectly deep fried crispy chicken wings with a spicy sambal sauce…..excellent and along with the pie tee cups, my favorites of the night.

Dessert beckoned…the sago gula melaka had to be experienced or the night would, of course, be incomplete. Very light and without the gula melaka….a syrup made from the nectar of the coconut flower…it would have been a bit on the bland side.

Service, as mentioned above, was perfect.

Like many smaller places in Philly, it’s BYOB so keep that in mind if you want a drink.

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