Last updated on January 27th, 2018 at 08:50 pm

Needed a quick stop after work for something different: China Pie

Sounded interesting from a local review…..Asian Italian fusion. The Asian is mostly the small plates to start but spills over to the wood fired pizza….hence the name.

Started with the sticky rice with pork belly with mushroom and oyster sauce which was typical, arriving wrapped in lotus leaf. The flavors were good but the rice was a bit cold and the dish was obviously prepared ahead of time.

Looking at the pizza menu there were about a dozen choices and my eye went immediately to the clam offering but, since there are a few examples of that pizza in Seattle, I decided to try something different: the Uncle Sau. Cilantro pesto sauce, pork, jalapeño,  caramel fish sauce and mozzarella topped with fine shavings of grana padano. Interesting flavors which, over a short period of reflection, I actually found quite good. Next time the chowder will be the pick…..think clam chowder on pizza dough.

The space is modern and looks no older than the restaurant: about 3 months. The bar is also quite nice.