Last updated on January 27th, 2018 at 08:47 pm

We’ve been eying this place for a few months: Terra Plata

Another option on the option filled Capitol Hill area of Seattle the restaurant is described as Spanish in orientation but it seemed a bit more toward eclectic European with a Spanish twist. However, it does offer Spanish standards such as octopus.

The dining area is interesting and takes the shape of the Melrose triangle with a large, inviting, centrally located bar.

Tonight we started with the Alaska spotted shrimp which were grilled and served with roe and a nice chimichurri and the roasted cauliflower which was served with currants and a parsley almond gremolata. The highlight of the night, before we discuss the dessert, was the main: roast pig. This was served in a large bowl filled with a beautiful large cut of pork, manila clams, potato, a wonderful sofrito and chicharrón (pork rind)…excellent!

Now to the real highlight of the night, dessert. We had the chocolate bar……imagine a rich dark piece of soft fudge with a consistency close to flan or semifrio paired with caramel sauce and a side of espresso ice cream all topped with crushed hazelnuts and you’ll be close to this dream of a dessert. A must for any chocolate lover.

The plates are meant to be shared. A large selection of wine and beer is offered as well as an extensive selection of after dinner drinks. The service was excellent.