Last updated on January 27th, 2018 at 05:37 pm

All about the pig: Le Petit Cochon 

Had not heard of this place before visiting as part of a recent business outing. It is nose to tail…. using all the animal and locally sourced as well. They make everything they serve, sans the wines, in house including all the charcuterie. This sets a stage for the unique and unusual.

Before I get started it’s important to know upfront that this is a meat eater’s paradise. While they have a few dishes that lean slightly vegetarian the selections are clearly directed to the carnivores among us.

That said we started with marinated olives which had a unique, almost smokey flavor and the potato salad donuts….similar to hush puppies except made with potato instead of corn.

Next up was a most incredible charcuterie plate…all made inhouse….choices ranged from chicken liver pâté to lamb heart, multiple examples of salumi, pickles, lard….you name it…it was presented.  We also tried the marinated cauliflower salad….served with sweet breads, black garlic yogurt, a pine nut vinaigrette and a risotto of cauliflower. Excellent flavors and textures. A really unique offering was then had….crispy pig tail…..think pork belly with more flavor and meat. It was served on a bed of grits, collards, apriums and a side of mustard BBQ sauce with just a hint of piquant.  Excellent!

The mains were porcini dirty rice….vegetarian….not vegan, beef cheeks and as the pork selection….the phat ass pork chop. It lived up to its name….and half was boxed up for later consumption.

Alas, there was no room for dessert this night.

The space is interesting…on the second floor of a bit of a nondescript building which, from the street, is a somewhat difficult to navigate the entrance. It’s located in the Fremont area of the city.

The wine selection is good and leans Spanish, Italian and PNW but there are selections from most of the world’s offerings.