Last updated on January 27th, 2018 at 05:36 pm

Hot wings without the wings: Ma’ono Fried Chicken

Located inside Rachel’s Ginger Beer at University Village we’ve had our eye on this place since it opened a few weeks ago.

This is a great space to visit on a sunny day with its open windows and alfresco dining. Don’t be fooled by the signage out front……Ma’ono is located in the same space as Rachel’s.

The tart ginger beer was perfect on a hot day and went well with the fried chicken….the main offering. You can pick the heat level but as stated on the menu… returns or refunds based on the choice of spice! Unless you are really into heat I wouldn’t go above medium. For the less adventurous…go naked. If you pick the sandwich, have a side of the hot honey mustard dip…..a perfect condiment for the spiciness of the chicken.

After you order your sandwich slide over the the bar and order your ginger beer…..with or without alcohol.