Should be on your foodie bucket list: Tarsan i Jane.

This place has been on my list for some time….due to my desire to experience their paella which is only offered on Sundays. It has taken a while for the stars to align on a Sunday and a reservation to be available (see below).

The chef’s table paella tasting menu is 5 courses with a few additional options to choose from. Also offered are wine pairings for each course if you are interested in adding that to the mix. For this experience, we added the picadetes….small plate appetizers and the Jamón Ibérico. The picadetes were all interesting but special mention goes to the house fermented veggies/blueberries and the blood sausage. I’m no blood sausage fan but this offering was exceptional. The other small plate was marcona almonds with olives topped with pickled sea beans. The “beans” made the dish. What’s a sea bean you ask…..aka saltwort or glasswort….so now you know!  Next up was the jamón…..very thinly sliced and unbelievably delicious… must experience this.

The first course was a very flavorful squash soup. Then we were on to the 2nd course….a ceviche of geoduck, muscles and rockfish. The dish was on the tart side and the fresh berry topping added some interesting flavors. We left nothing to contemplate in the bowl.

The 3rd course was an egg dish…..cooked sous-vide to a very soft consistency….not soft boiled or poached but somewhere in between. It was plated on a bed of quinoa and accompanied by watercress and house made sausage….so, it’s sausage and eggs and, some of the best you will ever have.

By this time I can’t wait for the paella…it’s been being actively prepared on the open wood fired grill within eyesight and the smells have permeated the space. So, with the visual and olfactory stimulation, waiting much longer would have violated the Constitution.

Finally it arrives straight from the grill still in the pan which is enjoyed on your own to be shared only with you table mate. This night the paella was of cuttlefish and the flavors met every olfactory stimulation and more. The rice was perfect with that charred almost fried flavor abundant in the pan. Again, nothing left at the end to contemplate….or take home for later.

Last up was a selection of ice creams and sorbets……chocolate,  rose and coconut. Of course, my favorite was……the chocolate, which arrived on a bed of salted butterscotch and mousse crumble. Delicious. As is typical with experiences like this, we were offered a final small chocolate at the conclusion of our meal. It arrived topped with a small gummy bear somehow made from olive oil ….nice touch.

We did not partake in the wine pairing so we started the night with a glass of cava followed by a white txakolina….very slightly effervescent and tart which is typical of this wine from the Basque area of Spain.

The space is modern and intimate with the chef’s table seating about a dozen people. If you want to see the action, this is the place to be. Be aware that they only have about 2 dozen seats, including a few outdoors, so make a reservation as far in advance as possible…they are only open Thursday to Sunday which limits availability as well. Also note, reservations require payment for your meal and are non refundable. On non Sundays, more courses are offered…I have no idea how you could eat more than this but……

Service was outstanding and personal…the chef’s wife and co-owner leads the way, as you experience all this place has to offer.

Located in the Frelard area of Seattle in a nondescript building by a pizza place. Be aware that the name isn’t on the outside of the restaurant to guide you, so look for the rabbit…and you will have arrived. 

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