BBQ in Chelan, Really? BBQ in the Vineyard.

Highlight of this trip to Chelan. It just reopened the week we were there……note as of the date of this posting it isn’t open year round. The restaurant is part of the Lake Chelan Winery….the oldest in the Chelan Valley.

The dining area is outside under a tent with a small, more alfresco area attached. The story behind a BBQ place in Chelan is interesting….the winery owners were looking for something unique for the area…and they hit it out of the ballpark.

As a starter they have bottomless cornbread so help yourself on arrival. Please note, however, the corn bread is sweet……don’t get me started on what real cornbread should be….a small hint….not sweet. Might as well just make cornbread cake!

That said their pork ribs are some of the best I have had anywhere…..fall off the bone tender with a sauce that is sweet, slightly smokey and tomato based…my favorite. I also won’t get much into what BBQ is but, just a brief comment….it is pork and not brisquite.

While you can have wine…from their vineyard or a local beer, try the Washington Gold cider…..very tasty.

The dessert was a chocolate brownie which was a nice ending to the experience.

Service was good.

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