Takeaway in a gale: Tweets Cafe.

In the Skagit Valley with the hope of seeing the daffodils in bloom which were about but the weather was really awful…even by Pacific NW standards…but you gotta eat, right?

We’d noticed this place on previous visits to the very small town of Edison and the que was always too long to contemplate…but not on this day. So, why not?

It’s all takeaway at this point but on a good day there is a small public area with tables where you can enjoy your choices. This day we opted for: the porchetta sandwich and vegan squash soup. We ended it with a delicious lemon tart and a peanut butter cookie.

The food was amazing, especially considering the size of this town. Come prepared for large portion sizes and a full quart of soup!

Excellent service even with the terrible weather. Cash, check or Venmo only.

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