A bit of hygge in SLU: Café Hagen.

Opened for just a few months and located very near REI this is a perfect spot for breakfast, brunch, lunch or early dinner Danish style….with hygge thrown in as a benefit.

The menu is unique and follows a pattern that’s becoming more popular….coffee houses with a bar and food to go along with your caffeine choices. This example has pastries but the stars are the signature boards and toast. The boards, while not tasted this visit, are true food works of art. Just looking at one will make you want it!

Our choices were the salmon and the avocado toast….both delicious. My choice for caffeine you ask?…..a Mokka of course! The chocolate is from Theo so you know it was a great example but it was made even better since they know how to steam milk. The Mokka flight will be the choice next time around.

The space is open but very inviting. It’s really a place that you could while away and hour or more and feel that you haven’t wasted a minute of that time.

Give this place a try. You won’t be disappointed.

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