Heard good things about this place: Bob’s Chowder Bar.

Basically one of the first restaurants you come to as you enter town so it’s hard to miss. We visited on a cool afternoon but chose to sit outside anyway which worked out fine except for the more or less constant stream of cars going by.

This is a classic seafood place with lots of fired choices to choose from. We started with a few sides which of course included a cup of the clam chowder. This was the best choice of our experience. Thick and flavorful. The Hot Rock Crab Dip was so so but then we were on to out main…which we split…thank goodness. It’s called The Mighty Bob…seafood platter with shrimp. cod, oysters and clams. Did I say it was all fried? The cod and clams were the best of the choices. I had to add a side of onion rings to the order but who knew they would be a meal in themselves. Some side.

Room for dessert? You kidding?

If you’re looking for classic fried seafood this is the place.


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