In Philly again: Cadence. 

This is a small place with 26 seats at tables and 8 at the bar. Located in the Northern Liberties/Fishtown area of town. Signage on the door isn’t that easy to read so it’s easy to miss. As is typical of Philly, this is another BYOB but, there is a busy liquor store across the street just in case. My choice was an Argyle Pinot which was perfect for the night.  I’d recommend a light red or heavier white based on the menu choices the day I visited. The menu is a tasting of 4 courses or ala carte which adds a few more choices. I went with the tasting menu to get a more complete experience.

1st course: Smoked shrimp with a very mild spicy flavor. Kohlrabi added a nice texture. Very good. Served with sparkling kombucha which was very light.

2nd course: Fried octopus with dehydrated black olives and sweet potatoes…..made the dish. The potatoes added a nice sweetness which combined well with small red peppers that evened out the sweetness just perfectly. It all arrived plated on a yellow squash purée. Outrageous.

3rd course: Grilled cod with green curry which wasn’t very curry like…..had a hint of lime but no spiciness. Very light dish which arrived with a side of potatoes that added good texture. This was my least favorite dish…..good but not great…..very subtle flavors and it was not what I expected.  Arrived with a side of vegetable kimchi in a fish sauce vinaigrette. As advertised…Kimchi.

4th course: I broke from my usual dessert…no chocolate. I was intrigued by the thought of pineapple shaved ice on brown rice topped with hazelnuts and macadamia nuts. Light but with incredible flavors and textures with the add of the nuts, rice and ice. A sprinkling of pineapple syrup and candied pineapple made the dish. Excellent. 

The space has low lighting but good energy.

Very friendly staff!

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