The original: Dreamland BBQ

This is one of the more famous BBQ pork sources in Alabama and it was started in a cinderblock building by “Big Daddy” Bishop in 1958. It remains in the same location. The space is classic with Tide memorability on all the walls and, originally only one thing on the menu….pork ribs. All you needed to tell them was how many slabs you wanted. The bread choice was only one…sliced white bread…think Wonder Bread.

It’s changed over the years but one thing remains the same…the space, the BBQ sauce, the ribs, the bread and Tide memorability. The menu has expanded so there are choices such as pulled pork and chicken sandwiches. Looking for beef ribs…not on the menu since things go better with pork!

If you’re looking for the real deal, bypass all the other locations and come to the original. Can’t be beat!

A must visit.


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