Local knowledge wins again: Grapes and Soda.

Got to Vancouver a bit late and this spot was recommended by our daughter who lives here…..her recommendations never disappoint.

A small place with small plates and a bar, it’s a cozy spot for a relaxing experience over drinks. The menu is eclectic with a number of specials offered. My sense is that you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu so we ordered a bit of everything across the offerings. Amazingly, it’s all produced in the kitchen on hot plates!

Highlights were the mixed mushroom banh xeo and the grilled dandelion falafel with citrus crème fraiche. If I had to pick the single best dish it would be the bang xeo….the mushrooms and Vietnamese pancake were delicious.

I ventured out a bit and tried the lamb liver on toast which I enjoyed but no one else at the table seemed of like mind. Give it a try if you like that organ meat…..very nicely done. The last dish was the snapper collars. They were interesting with a bit of spiciness but limited fish…..obviously due to the limited cut. Had a very nice rosé of pinot noir from the Loire Valley…..light and perfect for our dishes.

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