Sushi spot downtown: Hooked.

New option for raw fish that opened in Feb 2021. There is a sushi bar in the back with tables as you enter. The menu is heavy on rolls and a bit light on nigiri and sashimi.

Also available are the usual suspects…miso soup, seaweed salad and edamame but they also offer what they call wicked wontons. The wontons reminded me of Chinese crab angels…cream cheese and pork topped with a very flavorful sweet chili sauce. Very tasty. I’ve had a lot of seaweed salad over the years but none quite like this example…beautiful presentation using cucumbers thinly sliced to look flower like with the seaweed hidden below. While beautiful, I prefer the classic. The cucumber overwhelmed the dish.  So, if you love cucumber, go for it.

For those who don’t like raw fish, they also have ramen as well as shrimp and fish tacos.

Good beer, wine and sake choices.

Very good service.


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