Post ride calories: Horse & Cow Bar & Grill.

Didn’t think much about the name at the time but, rest assured, there is no horse on the menu. It’s Naval themed and the bar has catered to the nearby submarine base for many years.

Classic beer and burger place with a nice but small area out front where you can dine in acceptable weather. They have 32 beers/ciders on tap so let your mind digest the list when you are first seated. Otherwise, you might not be ready to order when asked!

My choice this night was the Angry Orchard Cider…slightly off dry but it hit the spot. Burger choice: Life Ring Burger…1/2 pound of meat topped with onion rings and BBQ sauce…more than enough for anyone to eat.

One thing I wished we had tried was their wings…over 20 choices when you combine the dry rub and wet sauce choices. They also have pizza and sandwiches…the chicken parm looked delicious.

Very friendly service.


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