Not just any breakfast: Jam!

Bright, busy and open space. We were initially told it would be about a 30 to 40 minute wait but following a correction of a mistaken headcount we were seated within minutes.

Extensive espresso, latte, coffee and tea choices to start with great mimosas and breakfast cocktails if you are so inclined.

The special eggs Benedict sounded interesting so I went with it…pork belly with caramelized onions and ancho chile hollandaise all served up on a hose made biscuit. Excellent! The menu is extensive with classics like bacon and eggs your way and omelets but also huevos rancheros and crepes…so everyone should be able to find something here.

The service was outstanding and our server was quite an extrovert…in a good way. Very helpful with our choices from the menu.

It can be a busy place so keep that in mind if you are in a hurry. Lunch is also available Monday to Friday.


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