Animals anyone: The Lion’s Share.

One of those places that would be off most people’s radar unless you are a local. I’ve walked by in the past without realizing exactly what was to be found within.

On entry you quickly realize that animals are center stage……stuffed, heads on the walls and in the artwork scattered throughout and…..on the menu.

Starters are fairly typical with soup and salad but the menu becomes interesting when you get to plates to share. Here you’ll find surf…..aji ceviche, turf….bison, antelope, goat, rabbit, wild boar and cheese. Next is the feast section which adds more surf…salmon and turf…..chicken, quail, beef and elk.

My choices: started with the grilled baby gem salad which was made by the addition of wild boar prosciutto….think lardon/bacon more than prosciutto. Next up was the elk loin which arrived on a bed of celery root purée with a side of green bean agrodolce….the onions combined with the sourness of the sauce was a perfect paring with the elk and celery root. The elk was tender and perfectly cooked to a medium rare.

Finally dessert. I started to go chocolate but was intrigued by the bread pudding. My standard, to which all bread pudding should be compared, is the bread pudding soufflé from Commander’s Palace in New Orleans. What got my interest was the description…..topped with whipped peanut butter cream. It arrived as described in an iron skillet…..making the bread edges almost caramelized. I was a bit worried about the peanut butter cream overwhelming the dish but it was a perfect balance with the cream giving it only a hint of peanuts.

You should visit if only for a drink at the bar…..the space is dark but the artwork on the walls and ceiling add a whimsical atmosphere.

Service was excellent.


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