Tocos: Lola 55.

Looking for a new place and this fit the bill… for about a month. The space is on the ground floor of a multi use building which seems to be the new model in many cities. The space is open with high ceilings and there is an alfresco area which is outside but covered by the building above. They do make it seem more “outside” by hanging 100s if not 1000s of “floating” bromeliads above the area. Nice touch.

My toco choices were pork belly al pastor and Baja style fish. My favorite was the pork belly. I know that’s a surprise but I can’t help it….I like pork and this was an excellent example! Highly recommended. A side of chipotle rice was a nice add. The plates are beautifully presented which is remarkable for a restaurant where you order cafeteria style. 

Even though I was a bit full, I had to try the churros after seeing them delivered to a neighboring table. Following a discussion with the wait staff…and tasting the recommendation, I added a side of ice cream…not sure exactly what it was but the flavor was of coconut.

Very friendly staff with great table service.

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