Under new management: The Oystercatcher.

From the street it still looks a bit like a burger and beer joint. Step inside and you’ll wonder what’s in store. First taste…you know this place is special. It closed in Oct 2022 but reopened in June with a new team leading the way.

While the menu remains focused it continues to be a place where anything you order will be an outstanding taste experience. As before, it’s locally sourced and the raw or grilled oysters remain a must have as a starter. As you peruse the menu, make sure you order the bread service from Little Red Hen…brought to you by the previous owners of the restaurant with their shop located downstairs.

Mains ranged from halibut and salmon to scallops and smoked duck. Can’t make up you mind? There is an option for a chef’s tasting menu.

Desserts included carrot cake and beignets but a must have is their in house made ice cream(s). After dinner drinks ranged from ports to sauternes to armagnac.

The wine list is mostly Old World focused with a few PNW choices as well. Orange wines…have nothing to do with oranges!…are also available.

There is dining on an outside patio with indoors arrayed around the open kitchen. Reservations recommended if you want to dine inside but the bar is also available for walkins. Remember, it’s a very popular place so plan ahead.

Service was spot on. Have a special request or question? Emails are rapidly answered by Sophia, the co-owner.


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