Google search: Public House Yakima.

We needed a quick lunch on our way back to Seattle and this place looked interesting…and hopefully quick. Our problem began with Google Maps. Not being that familiar with Yakima, we allowed Google to guide us….a mistake. I suspect this has happened to you as well….get off at the next exit….and 10 miles later, using the backstreets, we arrive.

This place is all about beer…40 on tap! They also have wine but it’s pretty obvious that’s not their thing. The menu consist of salads, pizza and flatbreads. Our choices were the chicken pad Thai and margaretta flatbreads. They were both very good….the Thai choice if you are looking for a bit of spiciness and the margaretta if you are leaning more vegetarian and for more subtle flavors.

The space is comfortable….and the ambiance, like being at a local bar with friends.

Just don’t listen to Google Maps. It’s not right off the interstate…but it isn’t 10 miles!

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