The other half: Salish Lodge Dining Room.

We usually visit the Attic but decided on the more formal Dining Room for brunch…and the Attic doesn’t serve breakfast on weekdays.

It all starts with a bit of a show……Honey from Heaven…..their local honey drizzled on buttermilk biscuits….from a height. Very nice and apparently they’ve been doing this since the place opened in 1916!

The food was equally delicious although perhaps to large a serving for today’s PNW palate. So, come hungry.

If you visit on the weekend for breakfast or want a more relaxed experience for lunch, give the Attic a try.

Service was of course, and as expected, excellent.

Views of the nearby falls are spectacular so don’t miss that opportunity.

Interesting fact: the Lodge was featured in the hit TV show Twin Peaks.


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