On the way to Whistler: Salted Vine.

This is a must visit…in the growing city of Squamish which is about halfway between Vancouver and Whistler. Who would have believed this gem would be found in the small town of Squamish….but trust me, you have to experience what this restaurant has to offer.  I’ve ridden my bike by this city multiple times doing the Whistler GranFondo but have never really stopped to enjoy the place.

It’s located down a main street…and the darker end of Squamish. Housed in the Hotel Squamish, the building is circa 1910. The space is open with a nice small bar area. This is a place to share…everything. 

On our first visit we started with a dozen oysters…from the Canadian East Coast but, nonetheless…they were excellent. There is something about the distinct briny flavor of cold water oysters that separates them from their southern brethren and makes the experience all the better. We were then on to the charcuterie plate which was one of the best we have ever had….highlights of that dish were the duck terrine, speck and the duck prosciutto. Amazing!

We also enjoyed the tagliatelle….shrimp and pancetta in a lemon cream topped with a light dusting of tobiko. Lamb sausage was another choice, done with a merguez spice and beluga lentils. The wagyu beef arrived with chimichurri and smoked sea salt. Nods go to the tagliatelle and the sausage but my sense of this place is that everything on the menu is a winner. Basically, you can’t go wrong here. I almost forgot to give mention to the cauliflower which were fried in a spicy gochujang sauce and topped with sesame seeds…delicious and with a unique Korean touch. Highly recommended side.

What about desserts? On more than one visit, we’ve tried the sticky toffee pudding and the cheesecake with saffron poached pears. Other choices have included the affogato and chocolate decadence…did I say you can’t go wrong here…same with the desserts.  

Service was excellent and the wine list was very good with selections from BC, France, the US, Italy, and etc…the choices are quite broad.


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