Looking for sushi? Seven.

Located in the Cannery District along with Lot 5 this is one of the 2 main places to get your fill of raw fish…nigiri or sashimi. They also offer what they call Japanese fusion….which we tried a bit of on this visit.

We sampled a large selection of nigiri and found it acceptable but not outstanding…..the rice was undercooked…..crunchy comes to mind. The fusion dish was very interesting and I recommend you try it…..the sweet fries….sounds weird…..right. Get past that and try them. They are fried sweet potatoes drizzled with sweet soy sauce and wasabi fry sauce…..whatever that is. Very tasty.

They have an reasonable selection of sakie selection as well local beers and wine. I tried the Cowgirl Rosé from the Carmel Valley AVA which I found a bit too light and even questioned if was indeed a rosé…….not orange or red but essentially white with perhaps a very slight tinge of pink.

The space is very large and open with a nice alfresco area.

If you are looking for sushi, I’d give Dave’s a try first.

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