Another wine tasting opportunity: Silvara.

The wines are good…..and in some cases, quite good….but the venue is what is hard to beat. The fruit is mostly from the Columbia Valley AVA with a wide range of whites and reds offered.

There are only a handful of really outstanding tasting rooms in Washington and this is one of them. The space and views are probably only bested by a limited handful of other examples in the State.

Pick the lawn overlooking apple orchards the Wenatchee River and rolling hills in the distance, the bar or sit by the fire. This is one of those places that you will want to spend some time getting to know. In addition to the wines, they also have a selection of cheeses and meats appropriate for your white or red choice. They’ll even plate your choices for you!

It’s just a few miles south of Leavenworth… after you’ve had that experience…have a glass of wine, relax and take in the incredible views!

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