Need to experience: Valentine.

Looking for a unique experience in Phoenix? Found it. Now how to describe the cuisine…how about New Southwestern? It starts with the wine and cocktail menu. Think natural wines including orange selections as well as interesting cocktails. Give the Jungle Bird a try and, I can never turn down an orange wine to pair with most menus. Main issue is that it’s difficult to find many that hail from Eastern Europe where they began with the Republic of Georgia being the best examples. That said, they have one of the largest selections by the bottle that I’ve run across.

Now onto the dinner choices. Every option was a bit unique and the menu changes over time: white Sonoran wheat pretzel, shrimp toast with tepary bean miso yogurt, pork (things go better with pork) ribs with chayote slaw…I think you get the picture. The dessert menu was only limited by the food choices but not after dinner drinks, including wines.

Excellent and very helpful service.

The restaurant is in a mid century gas station which has been “modernized” to current mid century architecture. Dining outside is an experience with occasional cars driving up nearby not to fill up but to pick up/drop off diners.

Open Weds-Sun including brunch.


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