It’s on everyone’s list: Zahav.

I’ve tried several times to get a reservation here but they are hard to come by. Visited as part of a larger group but this place is well suited for groups and the food is served family style. When you hear that the food comes fast and furious and to pace yourself….pay attention!

The experience begins with salatim and hummus tahina. Multiple salatim including beets, eggplant, carrots, cabbage, spicy fennel and tomatoes. This was followed with mezze of fried cauliflower, caramelized fennel, and roasted rhubarb. All outstanding with a nod to the cabbage and rhubarb. The multitude of plates and options is a bit overwhelming……as I said, pace yourself since the accompanying laffa is also delicious…..and filling.

Our Al Ha’esh was the grilled lamb shoulder…..brined for 48 hours…..which gave it crisp edges and made it oh so good….only problem is that the size makes a group effort a requirement to consume all of it. It was paired with a jasmine rice tahdig…..amazing rice dish with a crisp base served with ground pistachios.

Dessert was a chocolate olive cake that was to die for……think baklava with a rich chocolate filling.

Service, as expected was excellent and knowledgeable for all of us less familiar with the cuisine.

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