New Southern in the old city: Amina

Actually visited a few months after it open in 2022 and it didn’t disappoint…you can indeed find excellent southern cuisine in Philly…it’s not all about cheese steak.

Where to start? How about the deviled eggs…fantastic. Where next…fried okra…even if you don’t think you like the vegetable. It’s southern but also a bit cajun so the seafood gumbo was next up. Great roué but pickled carrots? Turned out to be a nice add. In addition to shrimp it arrived with King crab which I’ve not seen before. Confusingly it arrived with nothing to crack it open. What to do…ask the Chef to do it. He did a great job!

Pinot by the glass was excellent. Nailed it…Central Coast!

The banana pudding was outrageous and arrived deconstructed. The caramelized bananas made the dish.

Lively atmosphere with a lot of birthdays being celebrated when I visited.

Very friendly service.

A place to share dishes!


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