New Southern: JuneBaby.

The food has a Southern focus starting with the bread…biscuits and cornbread as choices. Not to start a debate but the cornbread is sweet…that said, it’s very good.

The menu is just the right size with many starters, salads, mains and sides that can be shared…so try a bit of everything. There is the typical…okra and the bit more unusual….fried pig’s ears and even chitlins.

The biscuits…buttery and delicious…could have had a dozen of these little things. What about the charred okra? Peanuts and dried chili vinaigrette make them quite unique. I know most of you are probably not fans of okra but, done well, it is an incredible vegetable. This is a fine example of okra done well and one of my favorite dishes.

What about the fried pig ears…I realize this isn’t on your gotta have list but you gotta try this dish. I’d also never had them but they were very crunchy, like cracklins, but with a wonderful flavor made all the better by the pickled onion and pecan butter that accompanied it. The  quail gumbo…I have to admit that while the roux was as expected, dark and rich, the flavor of the soup was a bit different than the classic.

The menu frequently changes so if they’re a choice the catfish with grits with fiddlehead ferns should be given a taste. The fish was melt in your mouth and served on a bed of creamy grits.  The pork loin was served with a rich king trumpet mushroom gravy, cow peas and kale.

Dessert WAS a sampling of hummingbird cake…classic southern offering and coconut cream pie. Both were good but the nod goes to the cake. If pecan pie is offered have it!

We’ve also visited for late lunch…since the chef made the James Beard list it’s been hard to score a table on short notice. But, no problem at that time of day. We set at the bar which made things easy. Choices included the chicken gizzards…outstanding in a rich white BBQ sauce which had a bit of spiciness. The pickles that came with the dish were superb! We’ve also had the mixed pickles…the sunchokes were to die for…and a side of collards…classic. The soup of the day (not pictured) was an excellent squash soup with almonds and pumpkin seeds.

The wine list is not extensive but the cocktail and beer list was a bit more robust. If you aren’t into alcohol they also have…as expected…sweet tea.

Have visited a number of times over the years and the possibilities go on and on. Pulled pork with a Carolina vinegar based sauce, fried okra…whole pod, pickled vegetables and ferments, seafood gumbo, Saturday BBQ plate, apple and pecan chocolate chip pie. It’s all outstanding and the okra, as mentioned, is a must have even if you don’t like okra.

Service was excellent.


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