New American with an Asian twist: Atlas Fare.

I was pleasantly surprised to find this place after searching for dinner on a recent trip to the Apple Capital of the World. I don’t think there’s another place quite like this in the Apple Capital. Although advertised as New American, the chef’s Asian background is clearly on display with one quick perusal of the menu.

Started with the East Berliner…excellent cocktail and basically dessert in a glass. I was asked if I wanted another one and while I did, I switched to a very nice white Burgundy. Tart without much oak which was perfect for my next choice…truffle wantons. Light with an added sweetness from the candied walnuts.

What next? I toyed with the shrimp and grits but went with a more Asian offering…the clay pot prawns. They arrived in a large bowl with delicious glass noodles, jumbo shrimp and a sweet soy sauce. It was made all the more delicious with the bacon add and once again proves my point that everything goes better with pork! It could easily be shared between 2 people so keep that in mind unless you are starving. It was all washed down with a red Burgundy to keep the French theme going. Next time I’ll give the shrimp and grits a try…the Thai chilli jam sounds like a marvelous twist on that Southern favorite.

Room for dessert? Of course. Went with the bananas Foster bread pudding. I was a bit disappointed with the dish since it was quite dry and only made a bit less so by the whipped cream served on top. I may also be a bit more critical of the dish since my gold standard for bread pudding is the bread pudding souffle at Commander’s Palace in NOLA. It would also have been nice to have a dessert wine…a Vinsanto or Sauternes which would also complement the Ports offered.

The space is very nice and made a bit more cozy with a fireplace as you walk in. Very helpful service.

The chef is omnipresent so expect to see him during your dinner.


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