Return visit: Bar Cantinetta.

Our prior visit was for a wine tasting menu and I wasn’t that impressed with the food but I thought we should give it another try……I wasn’t disappointed.

Located in the Madison Valley, the space is small with a bar and about 24 seats…so it’s cozy for sure but less busy than its sister restaurant, Cantinetta which can be SRO even at the bar.

We started with a green salad which arrived with a very light, but quite tasty, balsamic vinaigrette and the Lopez Island clams with nduja sausage……outstanding with a bit of smoky spiciness. The vino bianco sauce was one that you’ll need extra bread to make sure you can sop it all up!

Next up was a pasta dish and one that is a bit hard to find…..pici. Think thick spaghetti….but this variation is hand rolled and hails from Tuscany…..the province of Sienna to be exact, which is where I first tasted this jewel. This example was served with an Amatriciana sauce prepared with classic guanciale…..pork cheeks. It was a great example of the Tuscan classic.

For secondi, we split the sea scollops with fergola sarda…a pasta I’ve never had. Reminded me a bit of orzo but with a different consistency and size. The scollops were perfectly seared.

Service was excellent.

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