Dinner for 50: Bardot Brasserie.

As I’ve mentioned, I don’t usually review a restaurant in detail unless I have the experience alone or with only a few people. The reason being that the menu for dinners like this are essentially fixed which doesn’t allow one to really make choices you might like nor does it give an opportunity to really experience the breadth of offerings. Such is the case here.

The menu did allow a few appetizers to be experienced and, of the 3, my nod goes to the foie gras….to which I am partial anyway. A close second was the beef tartare. Both were very good.

My main choice was the pork chop which was quite good with the added lardon giving it an even more rich taste and the sauce vin, very nice. The accompanying mashed potatoes with horseradish however were a disappointment…the taste was overwhelmingly horseradish and really not edible.

I looked forward to the pots de creme…another favorite of mine…for dessert but, it was disappointingly less rich that my favorite at Pair. “Coffee beans” made of chocolate? Really? Chocolate covered ok but?Also tasted was the chocolate macaron which was good…but a bit too large as a single serving so sharing it……or most of the items on the menu, would be fine

Service was good and the space, nice…for a dinner for 50.

Located inside the Aria complex.

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