Local Bar: Biercraft.

Another place you won’t find unless you have local knowledge. There are 3 locations in Vancouver; this one is on Commercial Drive (“The Drive”) and is obviously a local spot and the original location of the three.

It’s a beer place…40 on tap including some ciders as well. I needed a refreshing drink and chose the Somersby cider from Denmark. It was indeed refreshing, sweet and very apple forward. Delicious and just what I needed after a long bike ride that day. 

Expect typical bar food….burgers, salads, soups, tacos and…..of course, poutine. My choice was the fried chicken sandwich….marinated in buttermilk and pickle juice….sounded interesting; topped with jalapenos relish which gave it a kick. Bit overcooked but nonetheless, tasty. Pickled onions added a nice touch and balanced the spiciness of the relish.

Service was good.

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