Finger licking good & it’s not the Colonel: Bonchon.

They have multiple restaurants in the US and about 300 worldwide but this is the first for Seattle….and, as typical the soft opening a few weeks ago was mobbed with people. At this point, I was hoping the line wouldn’t still be around the block and I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived about 15 minutes before they opened for lunch….to no line! When the doors opened there were about a dozen people in line and the space, which isn’t very large, quickly filled to capacity. 

As of this post, they are still in their soft opening so not everything on the menu is available. That said, they had what I was looking for….Korean style fried chicken. I wasn’t disappointed. The chicken was very crispy but very moist at the same time and the sauce(s) made them all the more delicious. My choices, among the 3 available, were the spicy and sweet crunch on a mix of wings and drumsticks. The best sauce of the 2, in my opinion, was the spicy one….moderately spicy and sweet at the same time. Perfect for chicken. Sides included coleslaw (sweet…perfect) and the seasoned fries. The fries were crispy but not greasy. Basically some of the best I’ve ever had.

They do point out that there could be a wait (up to 30 minutes) for the chicken since it is all made to order. The day I visited the “wait” was about 10 minutes.

Other Korean choices are available….classics such as bibimbap and non classic….such as Korean tacos.  Asian “fusion” options, like Chicken Katsu, are on the menu as well.

When I visited, drink choices were limited to Coke products and water. Hopefully that will broaden in the future.

Service was prompt and helpful.

If you work or live in the First Hill area of Seattle, this place should be on your list…it’s a no brainer unless you don’t like chicken. If you live anywhere else… should also be on your list so, go.


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