Szechuan on Capitol Hill: Chuan on Capitol.

I had heard a bit about this place and it’s only a short walk from the light rail station so it seemed like a reasonable spot for lunch.

The menu comes to the table via an iPad…or the QR code at each table that you can scan with your phone. It even tells the waitstaff which table to delivery your order. They are known for dry hot pot….no broth just chili oil and spices, but otherwise served similarly….in a hot pot.

My choice was the shrimp…they have various meats from chicken to rabbit to pig intestine…so you can go wild if you like. They come in two varieties…….what they call mild and super hot…spicy in their lingo. I found the mild version very spicy and unfortunately quite salty. Even the side of jasmine rice could not balance the saltiness. Otherwise the flavors were good but again, overwhelmed by the saltiness.

A highlight of the meal was the passionfruit jasmine green tea…..outstanding flavors and only one of several fruit juice options on the menu. A must have drink.

Service was good and the space modern with high ceilings…..check out the huge fish tank at the end of the room…impressive.