Georgetown vibe: Ciudad.

Not sure how to describe this place…..Spanish……Middle Eastern…..or? They describe themselves as “flavors from the East, vibes from the West” and I think they are spot on with the description…..Middle Eastern with a twist.

This is another place where dishes are meant to be shared so if you want a true experience come as a group….they do take reservations but only for parties of 6 to 10 people. That way you can really experience what this place has to offer.

We started with a few snacks which included the quail eggs with cumin salt…..the eggs were hard boiled and the salt must be experienced to really make the dish…..and dried dates with chili powder. Interesting mix with the chili taking away some of the sweetness…otherwise it would be too sweet.

Next we were on to the vegetable section and our choice was the Brussel sprouts with crispy carrots, burnt honey and tomato sambal.  Before I describe the dish I must digress. One thing you will note is that many of the dishes come in some shape or form from the grill which you will see on entering. So, the sprouts are not typical of the much over offered sprouts…..they are from the grill, and are coated in the tomato sambal and honey…..hence the “burt” honey. The tomato sambal adds a bit of spiciness to the dish and makes it one of the best presentations of Brussel sprouts I have had. That said, the waitstaff was effusive in praising the saffron cauliflower and sweet onions…..a must try on our next visit.

Final choices before dessert…..the grilled herb marinated hanger steak and a special the night we visited, grilled prawns in a shawarma sauce. The hanger steak was a perfect medium rare and very flavorful but the nod goes to the shrimp. Nicely grilled and the flavor imparted by the shawarma sauce was special. Have a side of flatbread…..many sides to choose from….harissa….smoked  yogurt…..tomato sambal and many others.

Dessert was the marcona almond pie….I wasn’t allowed the chocolate torte…some comment about that’s all I ever get. I think the best way to describe the choice is as a lighter version of pecan pie. It was very good and worth the calories.

The space is in the Oxbow Building in the heart of Georgetown. It is bright and inviting and seemed to be a welcoming spot for families since many were there….not sure you average small child would find the choices interesting unless you have a child with an adventurous palate. There is an adjoining Bar Ciudad which has a more relaxed atmosphere with a large outdoor dining area.

Service was excellent.


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