Eurasian fusion: Cook Weaver.

Reading about this place I was intrigued by the description of the food as well as the space. Apparently the building was built in 1930….wouldn’t know it from the outside…and it housed a Russian Samovar…..tea room. The murals on the wall are original from that time and tell the tale of Tsar Saltan. You’ll need to visit the their website for the complete tale of the Tsar.

Everything on the menu looked interesting but, unless you have a large crowd with you, sadly you have to pick just a few things. To start, the choices were the beer battered nori dumplings with kimchi and tahini sauce and the oyster mushrooms. Of the 2, the mushrooms were my favorite. They arrived on a bed of pea spaetzle with fermented black beans and were all wrapped up in a beurre blanc sauce topped with parmesan. Delicious combination of flavors. As our “main” we had the crab seasoning fried chicken…like tempura with the twist of a unique seasoning for chicken. Again, delicious.

Dessert was…..chocolate…..dessert #6. A pecan brownie served on a bed of orange creme anglaise; topped with freeze dried mandarins and served with a side of……you guessed it…..fennel compote. Sounds like an unusual pairing but it all worked very well together.

I asked if they had a dessert wine selection and the waitstaff scurried off returning with an orange wine from north eastern Italy. While not a dessert wine, it actually paired fairly well with the sweet and rich dessert. I’ve discussed what an orange wine is but if you don’t recall, here is a nice review.

Service was excellent and very helpful with recommendations. A requirement considering the uniqueness of the menu.

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