Fried Chicken in Seattle: Cookie’s Country Chicken.

Near Lumen Field in Pioneer Square. We happened to be in the neighborhood the day I noticed a post from @eatseattle about the fried chicken to be had here. Searching for fried chicken is like looking for great BBQ in Seattle…you have to keep looking…so this seemed like a great option.

I went with the Barn Burner…and the recommended 2/5 stars for spiciness. I was, all at the same time, trying to find something to put the fire out in my mouth, sweating and shivering! Next time, only one star and perhaps I’ll just go with the non spicy version. No kidding about the name Barn Burner! The chicken was perfectly done and very flavorful even though it was uncomfortably spicy. I also had a side of Mac & Cheese but couldn’t really enjoy it since my mouth was on fire.

Service was very friendly but, unfortunately, our order was incomplete which we only discovered after we’d gotten home. A quick call made it right and we will definately be back for another visit in the future.

If the weather cooperates, they have a great street side area with a firepit to enjoy your choices.

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