A new place to try on this trip: Cosme.

Multiple accolades for this chef from Mexico City where he has one of the best restaurants in the World with this branch which opened to much acclaim in 2014.

Best described as Mexican with a twist..think lots of seafood choices with unique flavors and not Tex Mex which this is very very far from. The dishes are works of art as evidenced by the pictures and the flavors astounding.

We started with cocktails and my choice was the Paloma which was quite refreshing and a nice change from a more classic Margarita.

Then we were on to the dinner menu which consisted of small plates of seafood and vegetable dishes followed by main larger entrees. Two of the smaller plates were sampled: the pink peppercorn and axiote seafood aguachile and the lobster with shiso, ginger mojo with brown butter. The nod goes to the lobster with the brown butter adding and unbelievable flavor to the dish.  We also tried the ayocote bean salad was also quite good; served with a charcoal cucumber vinaigrette.

For the main we shared the corn tempura soft shell crab with shishito mole which was excellent and perfectly prepared. Probably the highlight of the experience. The wine was a beautiful 2015 beaujolais which was a perfect match for the seafood.

Finished with the husk meringue filled with corn mousse which is a recommended dish to try on a first visit. A unique presentation with the sweet creamy corn mousse made all the more interesting by the crunchiness of the surrounding baked meringue with a light dusting of chocolate powder.

The space is minimalist but nicely done.

A must try for your foodie list.

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