Spanish tapas: Cúrate.

Located in a building that was built in 1927 and served as the bus station, the new space has two levels with a bar on the first level as you enter. On the second level are additional tables but the place to sit….if you enjoy the kitchen and food prep, is the chef’s bar. You’ll have a bird’s eye view of the process if you sit here.

This place is all about tapas so get several dishes to truly experience what is offered. We started with the pan de cristal con tomate….perfect tomatoes, with sides of manchego cheese……very tasty and anchovies….outstanding…..if you like anchovies. Followed this with the white asparagus. This dish was made by the “light as air” mayonnaise…think whipped mayonnaise…like whipped cream but not sweet.  Obviously we had to try the cured meats….it’s all about jamón (pork) and the choices were all delicious. Our last tapas was the gambas al ajillo….shrimp with sliced garlic, sherry…..which made the sauce and a hint of chilies.

Could not leave without dessert. Flan was of course a choice. This example was orange-saffron with smoked caramel and sherry poached raisins……remarkable flavors. The second choice was an interesting mix of vanilla yogurt ice cream, gin soaked berries and torched meringue. A word about the meringue is in order before I complete the description. Imagine wafer thin pieces of meringue lightly toasted. Delicious but, it all arrived on a bed of tonic “snow”…..similar to shave ice only using tonic water. Very interesting flavor profile……light and refreshing.  I had to also try one of the dessert wines offered. My choice was the Pedro Ximénez sherry. You would never guess that it is made from a white grape. Very dark and very sweet…..somewhere between 30-50% residual sugar with notes of figs, raisins and dates.  A dessert in itself.

You also need to check out their chef led trips to Spain and Portugal….they sound like a once in a lifetime experience for any foodie.

Service was excellent.

PS: The bus pictured has nothing to do with the restaurant but peaked my interest as we walked down the street. It’s Jazz on a school bus that rolls through town…with plenty of drinks all around…as best I could tell.

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