Looking for very local: Tinroof.

The chef has won the Top Chef fan favorite award twice and is set to open a new restaurant called Lineage on Maui this fall. Tinroof is his first independent effort and is best described as Filipino/Hawaiian fusion comfort food. It can be a bit hard to find…..in a strip mall between Payday Loans and Fedex on the way to the airport. So, when your GPS says you have arrived, slow down and start looking. The space is small but service is very efficient.

The pace is frenetic and for lunch, it was packed. Slow down to Island time and you’ll find a seat at the window bar…..or if you just can’t wait, do take away.

I’d suggest you not get hung up with the menu choices and just try something. The food is great and I don’t think you can go wrong. We had garlic shrimp….the shrimp, rice and sauce were outstanding and the Chef Sheldon combo bowl of pork belly, garlic noodles (delicious), chili oil, mang tomas (pork liver sauce) and garlic aioli. There is a bit of a theme here.

So, if you are off to the airport, find this place and enjoy your meal on the flight back home. We’ll definitely be back to try Lineage on our next visit.

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