Rehearsal dinner: EastWest

As a kid growing up near here it’s hard to believe the number of food choices now available in this city. I remember the one Chinese restaurant that existed….and one that had French fries on their menu!

This was a dinner for 30 plus and, as usual, I hesitate to write a review since the food was predetermined and served cafeteria style. The food was good with a nod to the West Wings and Tofu Lettuce Wraps with a special shout out for the Korean Fried Cauliflower…..delicious!

The open bar was very nice and the bartender was very skilled. My choice…on more that one occasion….was the masala mule…..outstanding!

The private space upstairs was very nice and cozy…and the private bar even nicer.

I’ll need to return in the future to really get an idea of the food offered on the regular menu which looks very interesting.

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