This is the place for breakfast: Fergies.

Off the beaten path….actually located in Brackendale which is about a 15 to 20 minute drive north of Squamish and a few kilometers off of Highway 99 so Google it for directions.

The space is interesting… a house trailer with vaulted ceilings….but oddly inviting. Perhaps it’s the wood burning stove at one end that burned hot on the cold and snowy day we visited.

You order at a walk up counter and your food is delivered to your table……limited seating so keep that in mind. Might be a good idea to get everyone’s order, then have one person do the ordering and have the rest of the party scout for a table.

The menu for breakfast is a bit limited but the selections are interesting and delicious. Our choices are listed in the gallery…..we sampled most of the morning’s offerings and none disappointed. They also serve a mean Mocha latte.

Service on this day was slow… least 30 minutes before our food arrived. I’m chalking that up to the near blizzard that was occurring that morning so this may have been an aberration.

Breakfast and lunch are the only meals served and they close at 3 pm….despite what is listed elsewhere on the Internet. Alfresco dining is offered in a large, almost park like area, under the trees. Looks like a great spot for families with small children.

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