Dinner for 20: Fork.

Another choice among the many in the Old City. The menu was limited due to the size of the party which makes a true dining experience a bit more difficult to contemplate.

My choices were the winter salad served with a buttermilk ranch dressing which was a bit tart for my liking, followed by the Atlantic Wahoo with scallops. The dish was on the light side…as expected….and quite good. Others had the stinging nettle rigatoni which got good reviews as well.

Wines were both Spanish… a white with good acidity and apple notes followed by a red. The red was very good and tempranillo based…..slight acidity with notes of red fruit and moderate tannins at the finish. Dessert was….small but tasty….chocolate cream cheese. 

A more recent visit was again as a large group and the offerings, quite similar: chicory salad with carrots and croutons and a honey lime vinaigrette, arctic char on a bed of charred leeks and salsify, which made the dish, and a dark chocolate marquise…..very small…topped with a peanut butter crunch. Again, good but not outstanding.

I need to experience this place, not as a group, to really give it an adequate review.

Service was good.

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