Bakery near the convention center: The French Bakery.

Had a meeting at the Bellevue Convention Center and needed a quick bite to eat before sitting in a room all day so this place looked good……not much French bakery choice in Bellevue. It can be a little tricky entering from 112th so look for the office building…’s up the stairs and inside the building. You can also enter from 8th Street which is even trickier. There are also locations in Kirkland, Redmond and the Crossroads Mall.

The space is very open and others have complained about the noise level. It was fine when I visited….at 7:15 am. They have a reasonable selection of pastries and baked goods as well as coffee and espresso……very good mocha.

Don’t be fooled by the huge loaves of bread on display….they are just that….made for display.

There is a large alfresco area which would be a nice place to have a coffee with friends on a summer night after a long day of shopping at Bellevue Square.

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