Ok here is my BBQ joint: Full Moon BBQ.

I told you I’d review my favorite BBQ place when I was next in Birmingham and this is the place. While they serve all manner of meat….some not even typical for places like this…think hamburgers and giant stuffed baked potatoes….pork is the way to go. If for some reason you can’t stand a bit of oink……they have that other 4 legged food source….beef brisket….if you must.

As I’ve said before….it’s all about the sauce and this is the best of the bunch, in my opinion. It’s tomato based and on the sweet, non vinegar but spicy side. They also have white BBQ sauce…whatever that is used for. To digress a bit….I grew up in Alabama and I have no recollection of white BBQ sauce…..I guess I led a protected early life.

A must try…if you’ve never had it…..is chow chow. A spicy cabbage based pickled slaw and a must have with your BBQ pork sandwich. And oh….oh…..oh….you also must have the half-moon cookies! Do not leave without that experience.

The space is festooned with sports memorabilia with a heavy emphasis on college football…..and, The Tide. Multiple locations throughout Birmingham, and Alabama.


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