Vietnamese on the Southside: Saigon.

Note, this location is CLOSED but they remain open at the original location on highway 280.

Off the beaten path of downtown but worth a trip if you are looking of Vietnamese food while in the city. It’s located in the Avondale area. The space is open with a large bar and friendly service. The menu is a bit limited but includes banh mi, pho and noodle bowls.

Our group had selections from most of the menu…..pho and noodle bowls…including the “ancient barley bowl”……bo bo or Coix seeds make up the “barley” of the dish.

The food was good….but not up to Vietnamese in cities with a larger Vietnamese population, like Seattle or Vancouver. But it’s a nice option after all the pork BBQ! Al fresco dining is offered and would be nice during the spring or fall…….but probably not in the dead of summer!

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