Had to have some pork while in the South: Henry’s Smokehouse.

Basically a suburb of Greenville and I was there to visit a relative so lunch had to be pulled pork. Classic spot in a small strip mall. Choices were classic as well so I had the pork platter….chopped and not pulled so that was a bit of a deviation. Sides of coleslaw and beans…served with a slice of white bread……absolutely Southern all around. Of course 2 types of tea were offered…sweet and unsweet or a mixture if you prefer.

Now to the sauces….2 choices…a tomato based, sweeter one…which is usually my choice and a mustard based spicier one. BBQ is really about two things: 1. the correct meat…pork in my opinion and 2. the correct sauce….equally debated with which meat defines BBQ. I think both were a bit below my standard….Full Moon BBQ in Birmingham (next time I’m there, a review will definitely be posted). The pork here didn’t seem to be very flavorful making you add all the more sauce in hopes of pork resurrection. Alas, it did not occur.

Service was at the counter….again typical.

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